Feb 14 2011

Server gone IPv6

Category: InfrastructureGaj @ 16:42

As most of you probably heard, all /8 IPv4 ranges of internet address space has been allocated. Although IPv4 connectivity to current infrastructure will remain the same for a while, long term idea is to migrate to native IPv6. In the mean time, servers should be able to support dual IP layer / stack connectivity with using minimum transition technologies as possible.

World IPv6 day, held on 8th of June 2011, is an experiment that will measure IPv6 connectivity to different websites and gather information about potential problems. RIPE-NCC will support monitoring of the network with their Atlas and TTM sonds. As an administrator of small hosting environment, I feel that the contribution is necessary. All services of hosted domain names (currently 15) on this virtual server are already accessible via IPv6.

Slovenian coordination of ISOC World IPv6 day is supported by go6.si.

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